7 Pro-Tips for your productions


Having success as an electronic music producer isn’t up for chance. We asked a variety of artists, producers and DJs from all over the world on how to become more successful as an electronic music producer. Some of these tips were new to our team as well and profoundly changed the way we approach making music. 

So here they are! Read them, reflect on them and start making your visions come true!

1. Tell a Story with your Tracks

Look at each of your elements separately and think about their purpose. What is each part doing and how are they reacting to one another? Just like a movie, your track has different characters (sounds) who are constantly interacting with each other. In a movie, your characters have to be interesting for the audience to engage in the story. The same goes with your sound design. Look at each individual piece of sound and make it interesting by itself. Then think about its purpose in your track. Is is a supporting role or maybe a leading character?
Either way, a director would remove any character from the script that doesn’t have a clear purpose. Do the same with your music.


2. Use good ingredients when cooking

Of course, this is an obvious one. However, we are always surprised seeing producers working with low quality sounds and samples. Look at it this way, if you want to cook a perfect meal. A dish that the whole world loves eating, you would only choose top ingredients for your food. Your arrangement, mastering and of course your creative vision is like the recipe for your track. However, if you have a perfect recipe but bad ingredients, your dish is not going to taste great. No matter hoe many spices and herbs (effects) you add on them.
Actually, it is impossible to make a high quality track with low quality samples. So make sure you have pro-level sounds in order to make your vision come true. Do not compromise on that.
If you are a producer of electronic music genres like Techno, House & Tech House, we have a sample collection for your prepared so you can start filling up your fridge with pro-level ingredients.

 Mixing with Intent

We see many producer bringing up the gain of an element if they want it to be louder. This may good in some cases but certainly not all the time…

First, think about why you want this element to be louder and what other sounds might be in the way of hearing it clearly. If you want your Bassline to be more noticeable, look first if you have any other elements on the same frequency that might overlay your bassline.
Do so by looking at the EQ Eight of your elements. It is unlikely for your percussions to be in the way of the bassline, but often leads, pads or other elements have a lot of „mud“ in the lows. Use the EQ to get rid of  those. If your bassline it still too quiet, consider making it louder by turning up the gain. One more tip tho, make sure you leave enough headroom for mastering. You've probably heard this a thousand times, but it's easy to overlook.

4. Stop hating

Always keep an open mind to other genres and styles of music. We love our kind of music so much, that we tend to live in our own bubble. We listen to one style or genre only and forget about the beautiful variety of sounds. Even though we as weltsound also find ourselves in genres like techno, house and tech house, we always try to leave our so called „microcosmos“ of underground techno and look at other genres. You will be surprised how mind opening and inspirational this can be. For example, we have heard from house producers, that they love to use our techno peak time melodies also for their genre and the other way around.
You can find inspiration everywhere, not only in the genre you produce. So keep an open mind and translate elements and ideas from other genres int your style. This is how you invent an interesting and captivating sound people will want to dance to and hear it day and night.

5. Don’t be afraid to steal

Pablo Picasso once said “good artist copy, great artist steal“. Well, we don’t think it would be a good idea to look at your favorite tracks and just „steal“ their exact melodies, arrangement and so on. But taking a close look at what makes their tracks to captivating and resonating is what all great artists do. And they do it all the time!
How many tracks were created after the release of „Monolink - Return To Oz (ARTBAT Remix)“
It changed the genre and tons of people created amazing music inspired by this track.
That is why we took a very close look at the most successful melodies and chords from the past big hits and build our Melodie& Chord Packs with this knowledge. We didn’t copy any melodies but „stole“ the magic elements of them and build a pack for you to play around with!

 6. Go back to old projects

Don’t we all have unfinished projects laying around. It is always fun to start a new project and play around. Especially when you’re stuck at a certain part of the process. But not finishing a track and starting a new one is just another form of procrastination. What we like to do is this:
Put the project aside for a day and then look at it again. Sometimes you need fresh ears to find what’s been missing. Another helpful way is to listen to new samples or sounds. You might find the missing part or even just inspiration on how to move forward. That was our motivation when creating our samples and presets. Help you to destroy creative blocks and get your desired results fast!

7. Don’t give up!

We know that making music can be a hustle…but also we believe that we are put on this planet for a reason. To share love and fulfill our passion…Now imagine the feeling you will have when finishing your track and playing for the first time in a club.  Visualize how the people will react to your track and what emotion your music will awake in peoples minds and bodies. You have the power to awake emotions, are people dance, scream and go crazy. To us, this a gift we want to share with you. Make more music and share the love. Just do it!