Artist Pack - Kos:mo "Peak Time Techno"


Kos:mo is a young producer, audio engineer and DJ from Cologne, Germany, shooting to prominence with his mix of progressive but hard, gritty tunes.

Exclusively on weltsound - here is his first Artist Sample Pack!

Tunes which are redefining the techno genre and reach from slow and groovy to fast and rough while catching the attention of its discerning faithful. 

With his music, Kos:mo has already released at several Labels and his tracks are being played by Techno DJ's across the globe! 

With his personal Artist Sample Pack, he delivers all the ingredients to create music that destroys every dance floor! 


    Kos:mo’s evolution has been fine-tuned for many years. Incorporating his love of diverse genres into his music styles. However, it was within his love of electronic music that he would find his groove.The studied audio engineer not only works on his artist profile Kos:mo. Production lessons, mixing and mastering are part of his daily tasks, as well as hosting Weltsounds Youtube appearance. 


    Inside the pack you’ll find powerful kicks, basses, signature synths, perfect drum/melody loops,, crisp claps, tight snares, groovy hi-hats, unique FX, bonus Ableton FX Racks and Serum Presets.All exported fresh from Kos:mo’s projects.


    This pack is a must-have if you want to create professional-quality Techno Peak Time Tracks that get the dancefloor hyped.
    Kos:mo spends all his weekends touring from club to club. So his Samples are made for just that! Take advantage of his experience and make your music destroy the club!

    NO compromise 

    Too many sample packs are straight trash.
    Stop wasting your time sifting through the rubbish to find the gold nuggets, and get the perfect pack, created by Kos:mo himself.
    He's got what you need, so you can focus on what you do best—creating powerful music. 



    • 10 x Ableton Racks
    • 30 x Hats
    • 20 x FX & Textures
    • 40 x Kicks & Rumbles
    • 10 x Synths 
    • 30 x Percs
    • 20 x Serum Presets
    • 20 x KickBass Loops
    • 20 x Sub Bass Loops
    • 10 x Sequences
    • 10 x Atmos 
    • 20 x Stab Shots