Artist Pack - Nur Jaber "Raw & Emotional"


DJ & Producer "Nur Jaber" is well known through her raw sound, mixed with a beautiful and captivating sense of romance & emotions. 

Living in the techno capital Berlin, she is a frequent act in clubs like the famous Berghain and many others. Always sending ravers on a journey through her music. 

Nur Jaber is famous for using her own vocals in her tracks!

For the first time ever, she recorded her vocals for you to use in your tracks! 

Now you can have access to her Signature Sample Pack, which is exclusively available at weltsound! 


    Nur Jaber is a regular DJ at Berghain (Berlin), Boiler Room & many other legendary places most DJs & ravers dream of. 

    Originally coming from a beautiful yet troubled homeland of Beirut, Lebanon, the cultural experiences have without a doubt inspired and enriched her music always having deeper messages and meanings.

    She moved more towards electronic music, in particular music that makes you dance!

    Straight out of Berghain 

    Through her captivating music & years of experience in the industry, Nur Jaber worked her way from up to become a regular DJ at the famous Berghain club.

    That being said, she knows exactly what it takes to produce amazing techno tracks! 

    Nur Jaber has hand-crafted her signature sounds for you to use in your own tracks right now and get the results you need!


    Nur Jaber has developed a unique sound, which brought her to where she is now... and we know, you have these dreams too! 

    She made this dream happen through her music and with this sample pack, she is delivering all the ingredients you need to destroy the club!


    Nur Jaber put everything that you need in this pack, so you can waste no time and do what you do best—creating amazing music. 

    Reaching from powerful Kicks to her famous vocal pads... This pack has it all - coming from one of today's Techno legends. 



    • 2 x RAW Sounds
    • 24 x Vocals
    • 23 x Synths
    • 7 x Kicks
    • Made for the club
    • 28 x Atmos & Pads
    • 13 x Percs
    • 3 x HiHats
    • 5 x Breakbeat Loops
    • Works in any DAW
    • By Nur Jaber