Artist Pack - Montezuma "Organica"


Montezuma is an incredible group of talented musicians coming from three vibrant cities - Berlin, Vienna, and Dresden. They are true pioneers in the world of music, weaving together a mesmerizing blend of electronic and acoustic sounds that is simply breathtaking.

What sets Montezuma apart is their ability to combine live instrumentation with electronic beats, creating an immersive and unforgettable musical experience. Their music is a captivating journey that transcends borders and cultural barriers, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of global influences.

In this exclusive Sample Pack, Montezuma recorded their Instruments and melodic beats for you to elevate your music like never before!


With a immersive sound of flowing melodic and organic tunes...Montezuma is sending their listeners into another universe...

The young group pulls their audiences between beautiful drum patterns, organic arps, sooth synths and driving melodies...

Montezumas ability to mix organic recordings of instruments with electronic beats has made this unique style of music stand out and gained popularity across the world...

Sounds with  NO BORDERS  

What makes Montezuma stand out is how they mix real instruments with electronic beats to create music that sucks you in.

Their tunes aren't bound by borders or genres & they're influenced by music from all over the world.

Use their hand-crafted samples to elevate your music to a whole new level...

Hand-Crafted Ingredtients 

Montezuma's music is designed to thrive on grand sound systems, promising an electrifying experience like no other.

Now, you can harness their unmatched talent with the Montezuma Sample Pack, tailor-made for those looking to make their mark on the music world.

Dive into the world of Organic Sounds and let their fusion of live instruments and electronic beats set the stage for your next musical masterpiece!

ENDLESS Inspiration 

Now, you can get your hands on their instrument and beat recordings in this exclusive Sample Pack.
Take your own music to a whole new level with a dash of Montezuma's magic.

Don't miss out on this chance to add their unique sound to your tracks

The pack includes a wide range of sounds, from dreamy instruments and FX to immersive drums, providing everything you need to create a hit track.



  • 17 x Didgeridoo's
  • 24 x Flute Sounds
  • 15 x Harps & Violin
  • 10 x Kalimba
  • Self-Recorded 
  • 54 x Unique Drums
  • 34 x One Shots
  • 8 x Piano Chords
  • 5 x Breakbeat Loops
  • Works in any DAW
  • 30 x Saxophone's

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