Techno Peak Time Presets for Serum


The best Techno Peak Time Bangers ever produced have a certain sonic intricacy that takes most producers years to figure out. Luckily, we’ve done the work for you. We’ve unlocked the secrets of Techno sound design and have put together our Techno Peak Time Serum Preset Pack.

This bundle of 70 Serum presets contains thrilling leads, powerful bass, and insane FX Sounds. 

Each and every one of our Presets are specifically designed to create epic and driving Techno tracks that will explode people’s brains. You ever seen a club go crazy? You’re about to MAKE the club go DUMB.

These Weltsound Techno Peak Time Presets will…

• MAKE your tracks BIGGER and BOLDER than ever
• SLAY the club
• INCREASE and support workflow
• INSPIRE you to push past your boundaries
• ENERGIZE your tracks
• ADD DRIVE to your style
• UNLOCK the missing puzzle pieces

We know what producers want, because we’re producers too. Every preset is loaded with flexible parameters. This enables customization of each preset to match your unique vision



This preset pack for xfer Serum will give you

  • 20 x Driving Leads
  • 20 x Badass Basses
  • 15 x Unique Pads
  • 10 x Wild FX
  • 5 x Crispy Percs

  • Flexible Parameters