Techno Peak Time Template Vol.2

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Elevate Your Peak-Time Techno with Weltsound's Techno Peak Time Track Template Vol.2!

Ready to take your Peak-Time Techno game to new heights? Look no further – the Weltsound Techno Peak Time Track Template Vol.2 is where the magic happens!

Crafted by our professional Sound Engineers, seasoned in years of producing and releasing, this template is like rocket fuel for your music. It's designed to kickstart your creative journey and finally give your tunes the attention they truly deserve.

What's in the box, you ask? Loads of cool Ableton native instruments, MIDI files, and a stash of high-end samples that will make your tracks stand out. It's the perfect playground for your musical adventures, delivering all the goods you need to make your tunes blast off.

Quick note: This template is exclusively designed for Ableton 11.

Elevate your sound with Weltsound today!

THE ultimate  Track foundation  

Crafted by our industry pros with over 20 years of experience, this Track Template 2.0 is the most dynamic launchpad for your Peak Time Techno creations.

Packed with a range of samples and presets, it's your shortcut to finding your ideal sound and igniting the dance floor.

Don't squander your time
– grab this blueprint, create something incredible, and let your music claim the recognition it's due!

NO Plug-Ins Needed

We've simplified things for you by steering clear of external plug-ins!

Discover meticulously crafted synths, FX, percussion, drums, and more, all powered by Ableton Live's legendary Analog & Wavetable.

Effortlessly use these elements into your projects to fuel your creativity and conquer any roadblocks.

We have listened to out community and created the ultimate techno template 2.0! 

Grab your copy now and unleash the magic! 😊

Proven foundation for your next Track! 

Track elements preview 


  • The Track Template 
  • Studio Recorded Samples
  • Flexible Parameters 
  • MIDI Files
  • Instant Results
  • Instrument Presets

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