Techno Presets for Diva + MIDI


The weltsound DIVA Preset Bundle pays homage to the iconic and influential sounds that have shaped the history of electronic music.

DIVA Synth is a true marvel of analog emulation, faithfully recreating the essence of classic synthesizers. Modeled after legendary vintage synths, DIVA Synth delivers a timeless sonic experience, reimagined and tailored for today's music producers.

Our DIVA Synth Magic Pack is here to ignite your creative spark.

We've meticulously curated a potent collection of 70 presets, complemented by 70 expertly crafted MIDI sequences. Inside, you'll find enchanting Pads, electrifying Leads, and pulsating Bass Sounds.

Each preset in this pack is engineered to transport your audience on a mesmerizing journey through the realms of retro-futuristic soundscapes, promising to elevate your music to new heights.

These Weltsound DIVA PRESETS & MIDI will…

• PRODUCE music that will set the club on FIRE
• ADD a new level of ENERGY and DRIVE
• DIVE Into creative FLOW STATES 
• BRING your track to new heights
• STREAMLINE your WORKFLOW and push your pace
• INSPIRE you with professional QUALITY sounds

Every preset comes loaded with flexible and customizable parameters so they easily slide into your vision

EXPLORE a world of infinite creativity.


ThE preset pack for Diva will give you

  • 10 x Driving Leads
  • 10 x Strong Basses
  • 10 x Poly Synths
  • 10 x Dream Synths
  • 10 x Wild Percs
  • 10 x Rhythmics
  • 10 x Crazy FX 
  • 70 x Crafted MIDI

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