Artist Conversations: Kos:mo

Hi Adrian! How are you today?

Hey there! All good, as always sitting in the studio and working!

Have you always wanted to be a musician? What made you want to produce music instead of listening to it?

As my parents are both musicians (guitarist and singer) I got in contact with all sorts of musical stuff very early on. This passion build up fast and before I started making electronic music I played in several bands (guitar/piano). Somehow, the drive was always there, but learning more about electronic music eventually created the wish to be a musician for life!

What inspires or influences your creative process when producing music?

I think the best inspiration to me is my own emotions as well as other music. I listen to a lot of experimental electronic music and also stuff like Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode, ... But the best tracks I made happened to be the result of my own emotional process.

We’ve seen that you just have launched an EP with various artists. You will donate all the profits you get from Bandcamp to Ukraine. Respect, very honorable action! Do all the global troubles have a strong influence on your creative work? What helps you to get back on track?

Thanks for your appreciation! In those times this idea immediately rushed into my mind and quickly evolved into a good way of doing something to help the people in need. I wouldn’t say though the global events generally influence the way I work with music. It is one of the best ways to stay mentally healthy though! Making (& listening to) music just heals our soul!

If you could change one thing about the DJ or electronic music world what would it be?

I guess I’d love to see more openness for genre-diversity. And I will do my best to accomplish that! :)

What’s the idea and motivation behind your artist pack? What do you hope producers to accomplish using it and what makes this one special?

My artist pack generally works as both a tool and a source of inspiration. I myself love to use samples in weird ways and change them a lot, which is why many samples from the pack intend to be „open for creative work“ in terms of sound design and rhythm. Still, there’s plenty of dance floor-ready, processed one-shots to form the user’s drums, fx and melodics. Beyond that, there’s an extra preset bank for Serum and a collection of Ableton-only effect racks. Those are all made to write massive tracks, have a great punch in the mix and smash dance floors everywhere.

What is the Rave Scene in Cologne, Germany like?

I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else when it comes to the rave scene!

Do you have a process when it comes to producing tracks? What’s your Nr. 1 advice for people who are starting out making music?

I generally compare the process of doing a track with making a huge sculpture out of a stone or something. You have to have an overview about what you’re doing all the time - you would never start by carefully carving the head, the face, the nose, and all the little details of the person's face inside the stone when you don’t even have the vague shapes of the body. The same goes for music: I try to focus a lot on working effectively and following a red line. Instead of perfecting one sound quickly (with the threat of getting lost in there and „forgetting“ the actual idea of the song), I push myself to write down the idea, the feeling, the vibe as quick as possible to capture its essence. Afterward, I can go deeper and deeper to work out the details. But for starters, there’s a much more important thing I’d advice: Simply have fun and don’t set any borders for yourself! You will only be able to make good music when it really comes from your heart.

What do you hope people feel when they listen to your music?

As my music is basically very melodic and tries to tell stories I hope the listener connects some of their very personal feel to it. I think that’s one of the greatest powers of music in general! Oh, and on the geeky side of the coin: It’s nice to get that sound design appreciation, haha!

Name 3 artists people should have on their radar?

Well, that’s hard … Gotta mention Patrik Berg, Mattia Saviolo, and my bro Gilles Bock here though!

What is your favorite dessert?

All kinds of fruit!

Tell us a random fact about you.

I love chess! Always down for some matches ;)