Artist Conversations: Re:Axis

Ola Jose! How are you today?

Super, thanks. :)

Have you always wanted to be a musician? Was there a key moment?

Not always. But a big part of my life I used to listen and have fun with sounds. Back in 2006 I feel the call to share my music and started playing in some clubs.

When did you realize that Djing and Producing is your soul path?

I believe that everything we do with great love is our soul path. I realized at a very young age that music would be part of my journey. :)

How’s a day in the studio with you? What inspires or influences your creative process when producing music?

Being in nature, right on the seaside makes me feel very connected to the present moment. Then everything can happen. Sometimes in just 10min. I get a new song.

What was your motivation to create this pack?

I have created this pack to give some ideas for others (like me) to get inspired. This was my main intention here.

When you’ve produced a driving gold piece like Rise Within, etc.., how do you proceed? We’ve seen Charlotte de Witte play it. So do you send demos to preferred labels and artists? How’s your approach?

I’m working for a long time now with the big records label Planet Rhythm. They make a really good job with the promotion, so I just made the music, send it to them and that’s it. A lot of DJs get the promos and of course, gonna play it sometimes. :)   

Do you have tips for Newcomer Artists to get introduced to the scene?

Make what you love with passion. If there will be something in you, that thing it will come out naturally. Then spread it. Send your music to labels that you enjoy and wait, expect magic. :)

 Name 3 (upcoming) artists people should have on their radar?

Lazarus, Oscean and December.

If you could change one thing about the DJ or electronic music world what would it be?

We need to experience so we can all get that wisdom. There are no mistakes here, all is part of the process. To do it with a true and lovely intention is key for me.

What are you listening to these days? Could you name your three favorite tracks at the moment?

Lazarus – Harbinger [SC015]

Oscean – Spacion [TRESOR329]

Kangding Ray - Treize [FIGURELP06]

What advice would you give to your 18-year-old-self?

Stay true to yourself. Be pacient. Choose love. Know that the sun will be always there. J

Tell us a random fact about you.

I really like to dance. :)