Artist Talks - _asstnt

Hey Jesus! How are you today?

"Hey! I’m fine, thank you. Trying to survive the heat in Madrid. Thanks for having me."

Have you always wanted to be a musician? Was there a key moment?

"During my childhood, I didn’t realize that I wanted to be a musician I wanted to be a football player as many other kids. It was during my teen years when I had it clear. I never forget the key moment, I was with a friend of mine at his house and we were 13. He showed me his vinyl turntables and the mixer and we started djing the same music we listened to at the “light clubs” (clubs for teenagers with no alcohol). Then I asked to my parents for my birthday for a pair of turntables and a mixer and everything started."

How’s a day in the studio with you? What inspires or influences your creative process when producing music?

"I usually start the day going to the gym it helps me clear my mind. I always try to sit down with clear ideas of what I want to do. Then, it’s just about if inspiration comes or not. I feel I’m a very emotional person and very sensitive. Sometimes I feel bad but everything flows or I feel very good but nothing works. In the past I had problems with “next steps”, I’ve been many hours listening to a loop on the session view of Ableton :). But I get over this problem and now when I have something good I start doing the arrangement and if it’s necessary I add some details. In addition I have ADHD since I was a kid and this sometimes complicates the situation and I am easily distracted. My inspirations are usually my life experiences and I always try to reflect in my music. If I’m not inspired I mix a track, is something more “technical” despite you need some inspiration too, but if I’m not inspired I change activity and I read, watch movies or go for a walk. I think is important not to force the machine :)"

What was your motivation to create this pack? and how would you describe your sound?

"Actually, it’s something I always wanted to do, I even proposed it to Pablo, but it was hard to do it being each one at his studio. When you proposed it to me I was really looking forward to start. Since the first moment I didn’t want to focus in just one style that’s because there are different kinds of sounds for many styles, that was my motivation. My sound is just me. Music is my passion, my life, and my life is different everyday. I like many different styles and sub-genres of techno and I don’t want to focus in just one. If I need to look for a word I would say: emotional."

Your sound has changed a bit... Can you tell us more about the reasons? Is it something personal or did someone inspire you?

"Love this question hahaha. I think my sound never changed, is still _asstnt behind my music and especially Jesús. It was hard for me to find a way to explain myself but I think I get it. I have two types of tracks, the ones more emotional and with a truly message, for example Catwoman Spotlight, a very long track with a no trendy tempo and full of details, melodies, special percussions, an emotive cinematic track who express a very important part of my life. And then, you can find Track For The Apocalypse, a track made with a focus on the dance floor and with a mental picture of people dancing under the strobe, but still emotional. I think I make music for the people wherever they be and not just for the clubs and I love do it this way. Maybe I wrong and I need to change it hahaha."

Do you have tips for Newcomer Artists to get introduced to the scene?

"I would say stay away from social media, hate and from what other artists are doing, you can take something as inspiration but you need to focus on your sound and grow up as an artist with your music. I also would say to get some mix & mastering lessons, because it helps you so so much, also gives you a different point of view of your music and to fix production mistakes."

Could you name 3 (upcoming) artist people should have on their radar?

"Maybe they are not quite “upcoming” but I’m gonna say Lucass P, Not A Headliner, CRAVO."

Ellen Allien loves your sound, is she one of your role models? Who inspires you?

"Of course! She is a good example of eclecticism, you can see her playing different styles because it think she just love music and she’s not focused on one kind of techno and for me is someone to follow. I’m so grateful to her to support my music (L) My inspiration is actually my friends, I’m happy to have such good friends and I can share with them my passion. Roll Dann, Regal, SlugoS, I always share my unreleased tracks with them waiting impatiently for feedback hahaha. I love the music from these three guys! There is someone who changed producer life and he is Carlos Koschitzky he gave me a different way for the workflow and a much more pragmatic but more useful approach."

What is the Rave Scene in Spain like?

"Hot as hell! I have the luck of work for one of the biggest club in Spain and the atmosphere is always crazy! Also there are little clubs as “Laster” wich you can feel a “closer” experience. Red light, nice people and excellent music."

If you could change one thing about the DJ or electronic music world what would it be?

"I would delete Instagram hahaha. To be honest, I think because of it we changed the game and we don’t give the importance deserved to the art/music, now we are counting followers and not talent, it’s sad. I wouldn’t delete it but I would change the use we give to it."

What are you listening to these days?Could you name your three favorite tracks at the moment?

"Last days I’ve been listening Umwelt [MONNOM029] Roll Dann [MORD085] Yanamaste [KHIDIEP002]!"

If you could give one piece of advice for aspiring producers, starting out in the industry - what would it be?

"Patience, hard work, perseverance, keep on training, knowledge is infinite. What is your favorite dessert? Cheesecake by Montchis."