Artist Conversation: Julian Muller

Hey Julian! How are you today?

  • "Sun is rising, so i'm feeling good thank you !"

Have you always wanted to be a musician? Was there a key moment?

  • "Nope, i never thought i would end up in the music industry and wouldn't consider myself as a proper musician so far.
    There was no real key moment, but more of a combination of encounters and moments that leaded me to love this and to experiment it myself.
    I'd say that the closest to a key moment, was when i went to a Festival when i was 18, and ended up on the Techno Stage without knowing this music."

Was that the moment when you realized that Djing and Producing is your soul path?

  • "When i went to a Party, 9 years ago, called "Back to basics" that was basically about the 90's era.
    I met there some amazing people and got to know more about the background of this music and the message around it.
    And realised pretty quickly that this is what i want to do !"

How’s a day in the studio with you? What inspires or influences your creative process when producing music?

  • "First of all : there is no studio ! haha
    I'm working from my Kitchen table, as i like to keep it smooth and natural.
    But i'm a morning person when it's about music, and i need a good coffee and a fresh mind and i'm going with the flow.
    I have tons of sources of inspiration, and sometimes listening a track will lead me to ideas that makes me want to get on my DAW.
    Sometimes it can be a moment in my day, or a movie that leads me to want to transpose a certain emotion.
    There is no real process or workflow, it's all about the moment :)" 

Are you into other music genres as well? What do you listen to?

  • "I'm mainly into HipHop and Rap to be honnest. 
    Always grew up with it and never stopped to listen to it.
    I think the UK and French hiphop scene are just so interesting and fresh at the moment !"

What was your motivation to create this pack? and how would you describe your sound?

  • "I did one some times ago, and loved the feedback on it.
    I think i've always used sample, and realised how much it can help for ideas and productivity in general.
    And i like the idea to have new producers getting their hands and ideas on some of my sample.
    Regarding my sound, i've never really wanted to have a signature sound, but more to be as wide as possible.
    But my main thing remain emotions, and i think that what describe the most my music in general."

You are very dedicated and supportive, last year you published a list of female/LGBTQ artists you like on Instagram. Could you name 3 (upcoming) artists people should have on their radar?

  • For sure : 
    - Caiva
    - Narciss
    - Laze

If you could change one thing about the DJ or electronic music world what would it be?

  • "MORAL ! 
    I think the hype and money around the industry right now have gone too wild and make it lost the essence of moral.
    I think we can all do better in the way we anticipate issues, resolve it and take actions against the people behaving wrong.
    Techno was created to unite people from all social classes, all background under a same flagship which was unity.
    And i feel that we definitely lost that."

What are you listening to these days? Could you name your three favorite tracks at the moment?

  • "MRD - Matter of time (all time classic for me)
    Southstar - Miss you
    Sainte - On me"

You play a large variety of soundscapes throughout your sets. Is that sound diversity something that also inspires your productions?

  • "Totally ! I'm just happy with eclecticism in general !"

If you could give one piece of advice for aspiring producers, starting out in the industry - what would it be?

  • "Don't try to follow a path and create your own one.
    I know that sometimes its frustrating to think that there certain rules to success, but being you is what pays off on the long run !"

Tell us a random fact about you

  • "I tattooed a portrait of my cat on my arm, so she is always with me when i travel !"

Thank you! 🌞